Stripe Golf Pocket Ball Washer

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The Stripe Golf Ball Washer Pocket Pouch allows you to always keep your golf ball clean, neat and in good shape for every shot. Never hit, chip or putt a dirty ball again.

Handy and reliable, these golf ball washer pouches will fit in your pocket. Made with a high-quality neoprene material on the outside that will stay dry and a microfiber liner on the inside that will stay damp/wet enough to clean your golf balls on the go. These golf ball washer pouches also come with a clip for you to attach the pouch to your golf bag, belt loop or to just simply hang on to.

Choose from four different colors available: black, blue, grey and red.

The Stripe Golf Ball Washer Pocket Pouch is a necessity for golfers of all ages. Get yours before your next round of golf!

Dimensions: 3.5" Wide x 4" Tall.

Features for Stripe Golf Pocket Ball Washer:

  • Portable pocket pouch that is designed for cleaning golf balls - choose from four colors: black, blue, grey or red
  • Designed to keep the outside dry so you feel confident storing in your pocket or golf bag - the inside microfiber material allows the inside of the pouch to stay damp/wet for you to easily clean off dirt, mud and grass from your golf ball
  • Comes with a plastic clip for carrying, hanging on your golf bag or clipping onto your belt loop
  • Simply turn the pouch inside-out, wash and let air dry for cleaning after use
  • Never hit, chip or putt with a dirty golf ball again