Murray Sporting Goods Full/Half Court Basketball Court Marking Kit for Driveway, Asphalt or Concrete| Court Marking Stencil Kit for Backyard Basketball Court

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  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Transform any space into a full or half basketball court with our basketball court marking stencil kit. It's perfect for driveways, home gyms, parks, and indoor facilities. Our versatile court marking kit ensures a professional-quality template for court markings wherever you play. It takes 20-30 minutes to lay out the cardboard stencil kit, then another 20-30 minutes to paint. Let dry for 30 minutes and your basketball court is ready to play on.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Achieve regulation-quality basketball court markings with our premium stencil kit. We recommend an asphalt or concrete slab that’s at a minimum of 86 ft long (1 ft cushion on each side) for full court or 44 ft for half court in length and 52 ft wide. Regulation size 15 ft free throw lane, 19 ft 9 in high school 3-point regulation radius, and 3 ft semi circle (when sprayed in full it’s a 6 ft center circle).
  • INNOVATIVE STENCIL KIT: Featuring “puzzle-like” connector pieces (patent pending), our kit ensures a seamless setup with no room for error. The self-aligning design ensures perfect alignment every time, while the pieces stay firmly in place during spraying, eliminating movement. Our 8" wide cardboard pieces and spray guard help prevent overspray, ensuring crisp and clean lines. Elevate your game with precision and efficiency from our advanced stencil kit.
  • ELEVATE YOUR BASKETBALL COURT SETUP: With our all-in-one stencil kit, complete with innovative features for precision and accuracy. Utilize the back-of-the-rim alignment tool and plumb bob to ensure perfect placement every time. With our "Get it right" mentality, you can trust in professional-grade markings for your court. Dominate the game with confidence and precision with our basketball court marking stencil kit.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Complete with everything you need for professional-quality markings. Inside, you'll find a plumb bob for precise alignment, cardboard pieces for crafting regulation-size free throw lane, 3-point line, sidelines, and baselines, 2 spray guards: 1 straight line and 1 3-point curve to minimize overspray, and a basketball goal alignment tool for perfect positioning. Elevate your game and transform any space into a regulation basketball court with ease. Paint not included.