Murray Sporting Goods Baseball/Softball Batting L-Screen Protective Net

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  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION BASEBALL/SOFTBALL L-SCREEN: Our Baseball/Softball L-Screen was designed and built to fit your needs. Whether it’s in your backyard batting cage, taking it to practice during your next batting practice session or using it for coach pitch during your next scrimmage or game, our protective L-screen is here to keep you safe from getting hit with a ball. Suitable for all ages: tee ball, little league, middle school, high school or adult leagues.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE DESIGN: designed with heavy-duty, lightweight metal poles that are super durable when a ball makes contact. This L-Screen was made to absorb balls at high speeds. Our net is a high grade 90-ply thick net that absorbs hard line drives coming back up the middle. Our main goal when designing this L-screen was to make sure that it was lightweight, but could withstand the force of heavy hitters and to ensure the safety of the player or coach standing behind the net during BP.
  • EASY ONE-PERSON ASSEMBLY: easily snap together the metal poles until the L-screen frame is fully assembled. Once all the metal poles have been snapped together, install the wheels for ease of transportation. Next slide the thick, heavy-duty net over the frame and your L-screen is ready to go. No need for 2 people to assemble.
  • PORTABLE WHEELS INCLUDED: our easy glide wheels are included with the L-screen to help transport to and from your next batting practice session. Whether you are transporting the L-screen around the backyard or moving from the back of a pickup to the next practice, the wheels help make this a one person roll job. The wheels are small to keep the bottom bar close to the ground to eliminate grounders sliding underneath the L-screen.
  • HIP PROTECTOR & BASEBALL/SOFTBALL SACK: A huge safety feature with our l-screen is the 45-degree hip protector bar to eliminate the pitcher from being hit by a line drive coming back up the middle. It is an added layer of protection for the pitcher. Included with every l-screen is a ball sack that conveniently holds baseballs or softballs while the coach or pitcher is throwing batting practice. Instead of the balls being on the ground, keep them up where you don't have to bend over.