Murray Sporting Goods Baseball Lineup Card - 50 Games - 4-Part Carbon Copies - Individual Sheets

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  • FOUR SHEET LINEUP CARDS: fill out the team lineup card once - keep the main copy for your team and hand out the three extra carbon copies to the umpire, opposing team and official scorekeeper
  • GOOD FOR 50 GAMES: one lineup card book comes with 50 lineup sheets (200 total including carbon copies) that’s good for 50 games
  • 16 PLAYER LINEUP CARD: track starters, substitutes, pitcher changes and field position with our 16 player roster lineup design - Perfect size (8” x 4.5” x 0.5”) to fit in the front umpire pocket or back pant pocket
  • INDIVIDUAL LINEUP CARDS: comes with 50 individual stand alone lineup cards to get you through baseball or softball season. Does not have a hard cover or flip back cover to write on.
  • BASEBALL OR SOFTBALL LINEUPS: Great for any baseball or softball leagues - little league, middle school, high school, slow pitch, fast pitch, etc.