Murray Sporting Goods Reflective Holographic Basketball

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The Ultimate Basketball Gift for Adults or Kids of All Ages! Murray Sporting Goods Holographic Multi-Color Reflective Glow Light Up Basketball was designed to bring the “glow effect” to the game of basketball. Use for nighttime games, photo shoots for social media posts, or use it as a training ball indoors. Our Holographic basketball was built with a “slip grip” which is a super soft material that allows your hands to get a better “feel” for the ball. This ball is made from 100% nylon windings and rubber inserts. Make this ball your next prop for your social media post, a new style to the collection or for working on improving your game. It arrives as a dark color ball but lights up with a camera flash or light shined on it while it is dark. Murray Sporting Goods Holographic Basketball brings some style to the game. SOLD IN THE U.S.

Features for the Murray Sporting Goods Holographic Basketball:

  • Our Holographic Multi-Color Basketball is a regulation size 29.5” ball with an additional “glow effect”. It appears holographic or glows when you take pictures or videos with the flash on.
  • Glowing holographic reflective basketball – good for taking pictures with and using the flash on the camera when taking a video. Gives a real reflective light up color design. Enhance the photo with a dark background and the light focused on the ball.
  • The indoor or outdoor ball has a sleek design with a “slip grip” that is soft and enhances your dribbling and handling skills with getting a better “feel” for the basketball. Great basketball for playing in the dark. The ball lights up to bring some style to the game.
  • Great gifts for basketball lovers look for a new trophy ball to hang on the wall or great for sharing photos or videos on social media. Take selfies, pass it around with your friends or use it as a prop. Make sure to get the reflective glow in the shot.
  • Made from a composite hygroscopic durable leather with 100% nylon windings and rubber inserts for complete bounce shape retention. Designed to keep its shape and size.