Murray Sporting Goods Dry Erase Basketball Coaches Clipboard

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Take your coaching to the next level and draw up the next winning play with Murray Sporting Goods Dry Erase Basketball Coaches Clipboard. Our 15" x 9" dry erase basketball coaches clipboard is made with durable materials, has lines that are designed not to fade or wear and has an easy to wipe off surface.

The perfect coaches tool for basketball games, practices, or one-on-one training at home. Stay organized this basketball season with Murray Sporting Goods Dry Erase Basketball Coaches Clipboard.

Features for the Murray Sporting Goods Dry Erase Basketball Coaches Clipboard:

  • Versatile Dry Erase Basketball Clipboard: Our basketball coaches clipboard is the perfect tool for strategizing and communicating with your team during practices and games. Enhance your coaching skills with this multipurpose basketball whiteboard designed for basketball coaches and players.
  • Premium Dry Erase Surface: The basketball clipboard features a high-quality dry erase board, allowing you to easily draw plays, diagrams, and notes that can be wiped off and updated quickly. Stay organized and make on-the-fly adjustments with ease.
  • Portable & Durable Design: Designed for convenience, our basketball clipboard is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry to and from practices or games. Built to withstand frequent use, this sturdy clipboard is a reliable coaching companion.
  • Clear Visibility & Improved Communication: With its large writing surface and clear lines, our basketball whiteboard ensures that your plays and instructions are visible to all players. Communicate effectively and keep everyone on the same page for optimal team performance.
  • Multipurpose Functionality: Our basketball dry erase board is not limited to coaching sessions. It can also be used for teaching basketball concepts in classrooms, demonstrating plays in clinics, or even as a visual aid for team meetings. It's a versatile tool for any basketball enthusiast. Comes with a strong metal clip to hold additional papers for the next big game, practice or tryouts.