Murray Sporting Goods Basketball Sticky Mat Non-Slip - Replacement Sheets (30)

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Murray Sporting Goods Basketball Sticky Mat comes with one set of Basketball Sticky Mat Replacement Sheets to get you started. This product was designed to ensure maximum traction capability for basketball shoes before practicing or stepping onto the court before the big game. Our basketball traction board was built for basketball players to step onto the sticky mat, scrub dirt, dust or oil off the bottom of the players shoes in order to maximize traction on the basketball court. The bottom of the board has a non-slip rubber mold that fits the length and width of the board to make sure when the player is cleaning off their shoes, the board won't slip or slide around during use, giving you that "good as new" feel on the bottom of your shoes. Our Basketball Sticky Mat measures 17.5 inches wide by 13.5 in tall. This design is a small compact design that will easily fit inside of a gym bag, making it easy to carry to practices or your next big game. Get your ultimate basketball traction system purchased today so you are ready to step foot on the court during game days or your next practice!

Features of the Basketball Sticky Mat:

  • Official Basketball Sticky Mat: enhances basketball athletic performance by improving shoe traction to get the ultimate court grip during gameplay.
  • Ultimate Basketball Traction System: easily remove dirt, dust and oils from the bottom of basketball shoes by stepping on and wiping shoes on the basketball sticky mat, then once you step off your shoes will have that “good as new” feel before checking into the game.
  • Non-slip Rubber Bottom: our designed custom fit mold on the bottom of the basketball sticky mat makes sure the player doesn’t slip when trying to clean off the bottom of their shoes before entering the game or practice.
  • Basketball Sticky Mat Replacement Sheet Included with Sticky Mat Board Purchase: each basketball sticky mat comes with replacement sticky mat sheets.
  • Basketball Sticky Mat Board Dimensions: 17.5 in x 13.5 in – Sticky Mat Replacement Sheets to fit the board: 17 in x 13 in (one set of 30 sheets comes with purchase of sticky mat board)