Basketball LED-4 Portable Scoreboard

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Keep score like a professional with this Basketball LED-4 Portable Scoreboard!

The deluxe LED-4 is a portable tabletop scoreboard that employs LED display technology, offering tens of thousands of hours of maintenance free use for serious indoor programs. The LED-4 is intended for indoor use. With three-digit HOME and GUEST scores capable of scoring 0-199; a PERIOD display that runs from 0-9; a four-digit CLOCK display which will count up or down; BONUS and POSSESSION indicators; the LED-4 is ideally suited for scoring BASKETBALL. Score keeping has never been easier - the control panel is built right on the back of the unit and features a complete readout screen so the scoreboard operator can see everything that the players and fans see. The handle is located on the backside for quick and easy transport. 

Our LED-4 Portable Scoreboard can also be used for VOLLEYBALL, WRESTLING and virtually any other sport that you need to keep score with.

Features for Basketball LED-4 Portable Scoreboard:

  • Deluxe tabletop model scores most popular indoor sports
  • 4" super-bright, 100,000-hour rated LED displays standard
  • Bonus, possession and period displays are standard
  • Clock can count up or down to 99:59 max.
  • Indoor use only
  • Size: 22" x 15" x 8"