2020 Axe Elite Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Check out the new 2020 Axe Elite Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat built for youth, high-school and college play. Axe's best 2-piece hybrid bat for BBCOR pairs a premium alloy barrel with a lightning-quick composite handle in a balanced construction designed for power.

Features for 2020 Axe Elite Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat: 

  • Precision machining of new, variable-wall MX8 Alloy barrel ensures every millimeter meets optimal performance threshold for power and speed.
  • Vibration Canceling System (VCS) deploys advanced shock-absorbing materials to reduce vibration at three points on the handle, giving you the confidence to swing fearlessly at any pitch.
  • New HyperWhip Composite Cap features a sleeker profile for a faster, more efficient swing.
  • Axe's patented Axe Handle for speed and control is ideal for all swing types. Oval bottom and full-length backside create a natural, seamless connection through your palm for tracking pitches deeper in the zone, staying on-plane longer, and swinging faster.
  • Endogrid technology built into the Axe Handle absorbs vibration before it reaches your bottom hand for a smoother, more comfortable swing.
  • 2-5/8” barrel
  • BBCOR-certified for youth, high school, and college play

Comes with two handle options:

  • Axe Handle = Max Control + Speed
  • Pro Axe Handle = Power, Freedom and whip