Murray Sporting Goods - Ultimate Basketball Coaching Kit

Ultimate Basketball Coaching Kit

Ultimate Basketball Coaching Kit

Elite Basketball Clipboard

  • Two-sided design to allow coaches and players to utilize full-court and half-court sets
  • Stay organized and keep players and coaches on the same page during a timeout, practice or while watching film
  • Easy to clean dry erase surface - marker included with each clipboard

Basketball Training Shot Markers

  • A great way to set up shooting, ball handling and agility drills for your team
  • Easily turn practice and shoot-arounds into a fun, competitive game
  • Great for strategizing offensive and defensive positioning

Basketball Training Dribble Goggles

  • Improve your players ball control and improve court awareness
  • Restricts downward vision to keep the ball handlers head up during drills in practice
  • Improves players reaction time against defenders and confidence while on the court

Basketball Scorebook

  • Prefect stat-keeper for basketball teams at every level
  • Keep all your stats organized for every game of the season - 35 games
  • Review stats after each game for player improvement