Trinity Foam Yoga Blocks

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Trinity Foam Yoga Blocks are the perfect addition to your yoga practice. Built to provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper posses and increased strength throughout your entire workout. Made from sustainable sources with the environment in mind, Trinity Foam Yoga Blocks are used under your hands, feet or seat to ensure the proper alignment needed to safely support your poses to suit your level of flexibility. 

Features for Trinity Foam Yoga Block:

  • Supportive Foam: these yoga blocks are lightweight and constructed of a durable foam with a nonslip surface to ensure support throughout your toughest workout
  • Deepens Stretches: these yoga blocks make for the ideal prop to help support you through your deepest stretches
  • Smooth Edges: round edges for comfort in those deep stretches
  • Dimensions: 9" Length x 6" Height x 4" Depth
  • Weight: 3.8 oz.