Murray Sporting Goods Premium Basketball Court Marking Stencil Kit

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  • BUILD YOUR OWN PREMIUM BASKETBALL COURT: Our Premium Basketball Court Marking Kit for Driveways, Backyards, Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Courts is perfect for creating a professional-looking basketball court at home. Our kit includes all the template pieces you need to build your new backyard basketball court before spraying (paint not included with kit).
  • BEST FOR OUTDOOR COURTS: Spray your basketball court marking kit in your driveway, shop, or local park. Works best on concrete or asphalt driveways/settings. Lay the cardboard down for your basketball court marking kit, spray or roll paint, let dry and enjoy!
  • EASY TO USE: Our court marking kit is designed to be easy to use. The court stencils are pre-cut and have clear edges, making it easy to follow the lines and create a perfect court. On the pre-cut templates, on each side there is "puzzle-like" connector pieces - PATENT PENDING, that help secure the court marking kit together while spraying.
  • HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL REGULATION SIZE: Once fully assembled and sprayed, our basketball court marking kit meets the regulations of a high school basketball court - Free Throw Lane and Three Point Line dimensions.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Extra additions to this kit include a plumb bob with a "goal/net" cardboard piece to easily align with the basket, an overspray guard to help paint those clean lines, the top of the key is connected to the three point line (all one piece) for one smooth transition instead of laying over top, and center align support pieces that let you know the kit is lined up perfectly without having to adjust multiple pieces.